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FAQ of The Pack
FAQ of The Pack
Q: What is a book packager?

A: A book packager is somebody, a company or an
individual, who takes a book from start to finished
production for a publisher. A packager might be on
assignment for a property that the publisher already
controls, or a packager might be creating or buying
a property, then selling it to the publisher.

Q: How is a packager different from an agent?

A: An agent is your representative with a publisher;
an agent works for you. A packager is a separate
business entity, and you and the packager work
together to make the book.


Q: Why do I need a packager?

A: If you’ve created the property, you may not need a packager. Providing you’re fully capable of taking a project from concept to script, art, lettering, color (or tone), design, and finished production, and also have the resources (or an agent) to set it up with a publisher, then you probably don’t need a packager.

However, if you can't field all those aspects of production yourself, and you want or need somebody else to take care of certain aspects of the business, editorial, and production processes, then you might need a packager.

You might also only need an agent or a personal editor. Each person’s situation is unique, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

And if you feel that, as your packager, we can help make your project everything that you want it to be, perhaps The Pack makes some sense for you.

Q: What kind of deal does The Pack offer?

A: We'll be happy to discuss specifics separately, but it's important for us to clarify that The Pack looks at creators as our partners; we want to create success for all of us.

In order for us to set up a deal effectively, we will need to acquire the rights for most properties that are brought to us, but your contract will guarantee you a voice in the deal we set up, and if we’re not able to set up a deal that’s consistent with our agreement, then the rights will revert back to you.

We don’t sign contracts simply to acquire intellectual properties; we sign contracts to make books with creators, and for everybody to profit fairly.

Q: Does The Pack have a lot of stuff in development?

A: More than you can imagine…and, because we’re always looking for writers and artists to attach to these projects, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing this possibility.

Q: Can I show you my artwork for possible assignment?

A: Sure. We’d love to see your work. Please e-mail your site links or low-resolution jpgs to Lee Nordling at lee@the-pack.biz.

Q: Can I show you my script samples for possible assignment?

A: Well, this is problematic because scripts take longer to review. Please query us about this, and if we don’t already know you, please be sure to include your background information, along with a list of publishing credits. We’ll take it from there on a case-by-case basis.