Hallmark pacts Timeless Tales deal with Hanna Barbera!
Pink Panther is developed
for syndication.
Hellboy gets animated!
Flintstones Christmas Carol
tops Disney!
Disney scores bigwith Teamo Supremo!
Kent scribes Rugrats comics strip.

Gordon is short and he whines—he asked us to include that—but since he also wears glasses and his last name is Kent, he’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; landing’s altogether another matter.

He’s able to crush schedules and budgets into submission, while coaxing, encouraging, and/or cajoling the best efforts from his co-workers.

He does not know the meaning of the word “failure,” and yes, he does know where to find a dictionary.


Gordon was the original colorist for Sergio Aragones’ Groo, and this fact was once a comics convention trivia question.

He’s the not-so-mild-mannered—actually, pretty irritable—husband of Donna, and “father” to a rabbit named Murray Burns.

Gordon denies that he’s the bird in our logo, probably because his cat would then eat him.

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Humorous to a fault, Gordon
brings a unique combination of
animation production and comic
strip experience to The Pack.

No creative problem is too
tough to tackle; no schedule is
too complicated to control; no technical problem is too great to overcome.

If he were taller, he’d be...er...tall.


With two Emmy nominations, Gordon is a gifted and experienced writer, comic strip writer, and cartoonist, and he’s worked in nearly every facet of TV animation, including: in-betweener, assistant animator, storyboard artist, writer, story editor, lyricist, voice director, director, and producer.

Writer and lyricist: Hallmark’s Timeless Tales; writer: Scooby Doo, G.I. Joe, Teen Wolf, CBS Storybreak, Paddington Bear, the Tasmanian Devil, Teamo Supremo, and the Rugrats & Pink Panther comic strips.

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Gordon Kent
Leader of The Pack
Leader of The Pack