Watchmen wins Eisner Award
for best title!
Crossgen Comics debuts.
Hellboy makes the leap
to movie screens!
Kesel develops TSR comics for DC.
Star Wars comes to
Dark Horse Comics!
Dunedin Fine Arts Center hosts
superhero art collection.

Find Weakness: Able to see to the core of a wounded concept and rebuild it from inside to make it stronger by the time it goes to market.

Hummingbird Speed: Able to talk a blue streak and corner on a dime. This power does not affect typing speed. Darn.


High-powered guardian to Quirk, the psychotic corgi, and owner of three sewing machines, two computers, and one less day in the week than she’d like!

Barbara denies that she's the cat in our logo. In fact, she insists. Vehemently.

Meet the other Leaders of The Pack.

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Barbara’s a builder. She’s happier
with nothing at all than the finest
raw materials (okay, so maybe
that’s an exaggeration) because
something can always be made
out of nothing.

She mined her theater degree to bring drama to comics, but found it most useful when dealing with deadline-challenged freelancers.


She started her career in the back of a theater, doing costume design, management, writing, and directing—helping to make something from nothing and then tear it all down again. An attempted kidnapping that ended in a comic book store brought her to the world of comics, and she’s been creating ever since.

She writes! Hawk & Dove. Ultra Girl. Savant Garde. Meridian. The First. Sigil. Solus. Batgirl. Spelljammer. Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl. Legends of the Dark Crystal. Aliens: Booty. Comics’ Greatest World: Golden City. Catalyst: Agents of Change. Uncanny X-Patrol. 

She edits! Watchmen. Hellboy. Star Wars: Dark Empire. Adv. Dungeons & Dragons. Forgotten Realms. New Teen Titans. Tailgunner Jo. ACW: Deadman. Aliens: Hive.

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Barbara Randall
Kesel / Co-founder
Leader of The Pack
Leader of The Pack