Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s the beginning of the
year, and I've left Platinum
Studios to form a new company,
The Pack.

As a content provider, The Pack is going
to tackle a wide range of book and product categories for several distribution outlets that will utilize the comics storytelling medium.

I've hooked up with numerous partners who'll be working with me in some of these categories.

Barbara Kesel and Brian Augustyn will be joining me in the acquisition and development of new intellectual properties for graphic novels and comics.

An industry veteran writer and editor, Barbara was an editor for DC comics, Editor & Managing Editor for Dark Horse, and Head Writer for CrossGen. Her freelance writing career spans the comics field and also includes plays, educational comics, and YA fiction.

Brian's been a prolific comics writer for all the major comics companies and has worked as an editor at DC Comics, was Senior Managing Editor for Metron Press, the Managing Editor for Visionary Comics Studio, and as a consultant for Narwain Publishing.

Dave Olbrich will be joining me in developing new non-fiction and adaptation of previously published non-fiction and fiction for the trade.

Most notably, Dave was the founding Publisher of Malibu Comics, and President of Doggworks, a comic artists and writers agency. He was also the Chief Administrative Monkey at Gorilla Comics, and the Director of Publishing/U.S. for Humanoids, Inc.

Gordon Kent will be joining me in developing a wide range of properties and adaptations for New Media.

A long-time animation industry professional, Gordon has been an animation writer, story editor, producer, voice & timing director, and he's currently the Supervising Director on "Class of 3000." He was the lead writer on the "Rugrats" and "Pink Panther" comic strips.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lee Nordling
The Pack
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Launching The Pack
Launching The Pack

January 1, 2007