Nordling packages Masters Of The Universe comics for Mattel Toy
Your Career In The Comics is first!
Nordling goes to DC Comics!
Nordling goes to Disney!
Rugrats leaps into newspapers.
Disney Adventures serializes
its first graphic novel.
Nordling launches The Pack!

Lee Nordling launched The Pack on January 1, 2007.

A creative force, with experience as a creative director, executive editor, writer, artist, and art director, Lee’s worked successfully in the comic book and comic strip industries, as well as in book publishing, magazines, newspapers, toys, and advertising.

He is the author of Your Career in the Comics, a first-of-its-kind, definitive work on the business of newspaper comic strip syndication. He has written for Marvel Comics, Acclaim Comics, Disney Comics, Disney Adventures, Rugrats Magazine, Andrews & McMeel, Penguin Publishing, King Features Syndicate, Creators Syndicate, Universal Press Syndicate, and Danny Fingeroth’s Write Now! Magazine.


Macro/Micro Man: Lee has the ability to deal with the largest visionary concept and not lose sight of the smallest detail on a page, all in service to achieving the best possible product.

Out-of-body Boy: With the power to step out of his shoes and into anybody else’s in the room, Lee works effectively to reach understanding and consensus.


An advertising major in college, Lee chose publishing over advertising because he was always more interested in making comics than selling soap.

Lee lives with his wife and life-long companion, Cheri, in a region of eastern Pennsylvania called the Poconos. Consequently, he’s developed a particular philosophy of life (which could fit neatly into a fortune cookie): “When you live on top of a mountain, you don’t see the mountain.” One of these days he’ll figure out what that means.

Lee denies that he’s the dog in our logo, but who else would be the top dog?

Meet the other Leaders of The Pack.

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“Kid, I've been all around the
universe—and I've seen a lot of
strange things—but I've never
seen anything make me believe
there's one all-powerful Force
controlling everything.”

--Lee Nordling, at a convention, discussing the different industries that work with the sequential art form.

Lee brings to The Pack an unequaled range of craft and experience from the comics, comic strip, licensing, and publishing-related industries. Since each of these industries has a different corporate culture, core set of values, production process, and infrastructure, they can only all be understood with a universal translator.

Lee has a universal translator.

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