If you’ve been contacted by a
Leader of The Pack, or worked
with (or submitted to) any of
us in the past, we welcome
your query letter about the
project (or projects) you
think might be right for us.
If you’re a friend of a friend,
we’d be happy to talk to you,

We’d like you to begin with a query letter or e-mail, then
be prepared to follow that up with a broad-strokes pitch
of your project that doesn’t exceed two pages in length.
You don’t need to have an artist attached to your project,
but if you know somebody you’d like us to consider, please
include links or low-resolution jpgs of his or her samples.

PLEASE NOTE: by submitting materials via electronic or
physical means to The Pack, the sender releases The Pack
from all liability for claims of copyright and trademark
infringement. Our experiences have shown that similar story ideas
often occur, and simultaneous submissions can feature the same plot twist.

Now let’s talk about what we’re looking for, and hold onto your seats: we want to see submissions that make commercial sense for the Trade, (which is the publishing industry term for the traditional bookstore distribution market). To be clear, we’re not developing material or interested in seeing material that would only make sense for the Direct Market; there are plenty of publishers out there who are playing in that particular section of the sequential art sandbox.

Since we are most interested in projects we think we can set up with publishers, this means they will need to be concept-driven, as well as execution-driven. (Translation: they need to be good, commercial ideas that will be well written and drawn). Content-wise, we’re looking for teen-oriented Original English Language (OEL) manga, Original Graphic Novels (OGNs), and Graphic Nonfiction. If you’ve had a successfully published book of prose that you’d like to adapt or continue as sequential art, we’d be happy to discuss that, too.

Because we’re looking at the Trade, superheroes probably don’t make a lot of sense…unless you’re effectively undercutting or expanding the genre (and doing it so well that we can’t say no).

If you’re looking for assignment work as a writer or an artist on one of our in-house development projects, we’d be happy to chat with you about that, too.

Please email your query to me, Lee Nordling, at: lee@the-pack.biz.

Thanks for considering The Pack.


Lee Nordling
The Pack
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